Terms and Conditions of Service

How Our Rates Are Calculated

We charge by the hour so that you are only paying for exactly what you receive.


Tipping is permitted and appreciated but never expected.

Payments for Services & Refunds

We accept cash, checks, PayPal, Popmoney and Bill Pay thru your bank.

Price Increases

If the price of fuel greatly increases we will be forced to raise our hourly rate.

Skipped Cleanings, Late Cancellations & Lock-Outs

We require a 48 hour notice or a $60.00 trip fee will be applied to your next cleaning.

Service Area Limitations

We strictly service Pinellas County.

Solicitation of Cleaners for Private Use

The cleaners sign a non-solicit contract and are not directly for hire. If you would like to do so the fee is $1,500.

Health & Safety

We do not climb higher than a 3-step step ladder. We do not clean up pet or human bodily fluids or waste.

Arrival Day

If you are on a recurring schedule you will have the same cleaning day every 1, 2 or 4 weeks unless a major holiday falls on your regular day.

Arrival Time

Recurring-you will be given a 1-2 hour time range between which the cleaners will arrive. Deep cleanings and vacancy cleanings- will almost always have an actual arrival time.

Cleaning Techs

We are highly reputable and would not send a cleaner to your house that we would not use in our own home. The cleaners are heavily screened & highly skilled.

Access to Your Home

We hold keys, use garage/door codes or are given a hide-a-key location. Keep in mind that there is a $60.00 lock out fee if we cannot gain access to your place.


It is customary to pay at the time when services are rendered.


Your fur babies are our number one priority. We treat them with the utmost respect and care.

Oven Cleaning

Due to the fact that newer ovens are calling for “no oven cleaner” chemicals because they are self cleaning, we will only clean up the oven after the self clean cycle has been run by you. Don’t forget to remove your racks first.

Special Care Items

We require that you inform us of any items or surfaces that need special care. We cannot be responsible if we have not received special instructions.

Faulty or Improperly Installed Items

We are not responsible for damage due to faulty or improper installation of any item such as pictures hung improperly, frames falling apart, shelves not hung securely, old worn closet or sliding door tracks, etc… Please let us know of such items or put a sticky note on the item for the cleaner.

Moving Furniture to Clean Under/Behind

Furniture on wood, laminate, vinyl floors is assumed to have proper protection on the legs/feet enabling the cleaner to slide/move the item to clean under and behind the item without causing harm to the surface that it sits on. Large heavy pieces of furniture such as beds, dressers, china cabinets and entertainment centers will not be moved by the cleaner. We require that you inform us of items that do not have proper protection.

Use of Ladders

We do not climb on high ladders. We are happy to clean anything that can be reached by using a 3-step step stool.

Presence of Other Workers and Excess of People

The presence of other workers in the unit doing work, or an excess of people in the unit while the cleaners are working, typically causes the estimate of time to be inaccurate. This will affect the cost, and possibly the quality, of the cleaning being performed.


When you are given an estimate of how much time the job may take, we will give you our every effort to complete the job within the amount of time that was estimated. There are instances though, when neglect and/or an extreme build up of grease, hard water, soap scum, minerals, food, hair, stains, rust, paint splatter, etc…will cause the estimate to become inaccurate. Although we do our best, ASC does not guarantee the full removal of such build up in one visit, as some situations require multiple visits.

Always Spring Cleaning Services Guarantee

Always Spring Cleaning Services stands behind each and every job. As with all new relationships, miscommunication happens, and sometimes we make a mistake. If for any reason you are displeased with any aspect of the service that you have received contact us within 24 hours. We guarantee to return with a smile to address that specific area. Although we do shoot for perfection we find that being human sometimes gets in the way of that ideal.