Preparing For Cleaning Services

Please do not clean your house!  It is our pleasure to serve you. 

Relieving you of the drudgery of cleaning is what we are here for.  Here are some pointers that will help our team get down to business while in your space.

  • ​Communication- we will need entry instructions garage code/ key location, pet info, the day before our scheduled visit.
  • ​Requests-everyone has areas they want special attention paid to. We would like to discuss those ahead of time or we always welcome a detailed note.
  • ​Clear the clutter-getting rid of unruly paperwork, toys, dishes etc… allows us to utilize our time cleaning. We will clean under beds, shelving units, dressers etc… where easy access has been granted, so please temporarily remove anything that you may have stored underneath.
  • ​​Put away that delicate item that you are apprehensive about anyone touching.
  • ​Please leave out your vacuum, broom and dust pan as well as any specific cleaning products you would like used. We do bring our own products but will be happy to use whatever you instruct us to.  We prefer using your vacuum and broom in your home to prevent transference. Please let us know when a vacuum or broom are not available. ​​
  • Ask questions and voice your needs and wants-we welcome this, as we are here to help you.

When we are finished, we will do a walk-thru with you if you are present. This gives you the opportunity to spot something we may have over looked so that we can take care of it immediately.  If you are not present, please call us within 24 hours with any over sight, and we will happily return to handle it.  We do shoot for perfection, but to our disappointment, being human sometimes gets in the way of that.

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