Frequently Asked Questions

Is Always Spring Cleaning Services a franchise or a chain?

No, Always Spring Cleaning Services is a family owned, local company operated by established members of your community.

I have pets and I am apprehensive about them getting out or getting locked in a room by mistake. How do you deal with pets?

Your fur babies are literally our number one priority. Most of us have four legged family members so we know how precious they are! We will practice the utmost care while entering and exiting your home and, if your fur baby will let us, we will even try to get a minute or two of petting in.

What hours do you clean homes?

We perform cleaning Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00 pm. In some cases we work Saturday & Sunday.

Do you clean offices?

Yes, we clean offices nights and weekends, during off hours.

Do you require me to be home while you are cleaning?

Not at all. Most of our customers are not home while we are cleaning. Customers typically provide us with a key, a garage or door code or hide a key location. If you have an alarm system we have our own company code that you can program in so that you can identify when we have come and gone. When we are finished cleaning we will reset the alarm and lock up.

I would prefer to be home while you are cleaning. Is that okay?

It is perfectly fine for you to be home while we are cleaning. If you plan to be home to let the cleaners in you will be given a two hour time range between which the cleaners will arrive on your cleaning day. Although we always try to schedule you at a time that works best for you, we do clean hundreds of homes monthly so giving you an exact arrival time proves difficult. If you do choose not to give us a key or a code, and we are unable to gain access on your scheduled day, a $60.00 lock-out/reschedule fee will be assessed on your next regularly scheduled cleaning.

What do I need to do before you come to clean my home?

To get the most out of our cleaning service we ask that you clear the clutter from surfaces and floors such as; clothes, shoes, paperwork, mail. This allows your Always Spring Cleaning cleaner to get down to the business of scrubbing and polishing. We also ask that the dishwasher is unloaded so that we can load any dirty dishes that there may be.

What if I have a cleaning task request for my cleaner?

We will be giving you a communication notepad for small requests. For big request such as detailing the inside of your fridge or doing window washing please call the Always Spring Cleaning Services office so that we can schedule extra time with your cleaner.

Do you change sheets and make beds?

Yes, if you leave the fresh sheets out we know that it is time to change the sheets. We will then make your bed.

Do the cleaners need the air conditioner set on a certain temperature?

Due to the fact that the cleaners are moving around in a vigorous manner they get easily overheated. We ask that you set the temperature to 74* on cleaning day. If you would like for us to turn the temperature back up simply leave us a note. If there is a problem with your A.C. system please give Always Spring Cleaning Services a call at 727-420-7659 so that we can attempt to reschedule you.

Can I cancel or reschedule my cleaning day or time?

Absolutely! We understand that things do happen. If you need to skip or reschedule a cleaning we simply require a 48 hour notice. Please call or text the Always Spring Cleaning Services office at 727-420-7659 with any requested changes. If you cancel a cleaning giving us less than a 48 hour notice, or, if we are locked out, it will be necessary for us to charge a $60.00 fee. The late cancel/lock out fee will be added to your next scheduled cleaning day which will remain unchanged.

Will I have the same cleaner for my scheduled recurring cleaning days?

We do our best to ensure that you have the same cleaner for each service visit. If your cleaner calls out sick we will inform you and attempt to reschedule you with the same cleaner. If your usual cleaner takes a well earned vacation we will give you advance notice and give you the choice as to whether you would like to skip a cleaning or would like for us to send a different cleaner. All of the cleaners that Always Spring Cleaning Services sends to service your home are screened and come to you well trained.

Will you use my cleaning supplies or yours?

We bring everything necessary to complete the job except for a vacuum, broom and a dust pan. Using your vacuum and broom will help prevent transference from one home to the next. We also ask that you have a toilet brush/holder near each toilet. This applies to occupied dwellings.

Do use use ‘green’ products?

We will use your green products strictly upon request.

What if my cleaning day falls on a holiday?

We are closed on Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day.

We provide limited service on Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Friday & New Years Day.

If your recurring cleaning day falls on one of these days Always Spring Cleaning Services will contact you in advance and make every attempt to reschedule you.

Can I hire you to clean my parent’s home in Pinellas County even though I do not live in the state of Florida? Can I pay for their cleaning service?

Most definitely. We have a lot of experience with this. We will take great care of your loved ones home so that when you come to visit them you can relax and have fun together.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take cash, checks, bill pay thru your bank, PopMoney and PayPal.

Do you guarantee satisfaction?

Always Spring Cleaning Services stands behind each and every job. As with all new relationships, miscommunication happens, and sometimes we make a mistake. If for any reason you are displeased with any aspect of the service that you have received contact us within 24 hours. We guarantee to return with a smile to address that specific area. Although we do shoot for perfection we find that being human sometimes gets in the way.